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need to relieve business stress?

  • The Vital Touch - the in-office emergency service for every body

    Nowadays, stress is endemic in business life, affecting us all both physically and psychologically. The Vital Touch provides expert, in–office massage and well–being therapies that help relieve stress and RSI and promote alertness and creativity.

    We’re the original specialist corporate health and wellbeing business. Since 1996, we’ve been helping employers keep their staff incentivised, happy and at the very peak of working condition. We currently treat over 300 regular clients with a wide range of massage therapies, reflexology, yoga and Pilates classes and wellbeing days.

    Whether you’re in management, an employee or an HR specialist, The Vital Touch can help you...

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    how we can help...

    if you’re in management,

    balancing the ever–greater demands that current circumstances force you to place on your staff against the need to keep them happy and motivated,

    if you’re an employee,

    working long hours at your computer and finding it difficult to produce peak performance when you feel in less–than–peak condition,

    and if you’re in HR,

    you’ll be affected by all of the above problems – with the added stress of being the one who has to find a solution.

  • The Vital Touch for management

    Even in the current economic climate, we have more than 300 clients whose management consider that retaining The Vital Touch on a regular basis is a worthwhile investment. Here’s why:

    First and most importantly – it makes your staff feel fantastic!

    It also improves productivity, and reduces stress-related time costs.

    why wellbeing at work is worthwhile

    It’s a cost–effective benefit* that’s simple and convenient to implement and causes minimal disruption.

    *Many of our clients share the cost on a 50/50 basis with staff and still reap all the benefits of employee wellbeing and satisfaction.

    Call Suzi Cinalli now to discuss a Vital Touch Wellbeing programme for your staff: 07976 263 691 or email on suzi@thevitaltouch.com

  • The Vital Touch for employees

    Have you got ‘computer neck’? ‘Office chair back’? A throbbing ‘RSI wrist’?

    The Vital Touch can help. We’ll bring your chosen therapy to you – you don’t even need to leave the office. We’ll soothe back and neck pain, ease stress, improve your mood and concentration and leave you refreshed and revitalised.

    Simply relax in a darkened room with soft music and scented candles, while one of our expert massage therapists literally pushes the pain and tension out of your body.

    It really works! Our regular clients will tell you that we deliver ‘the best massage they have ever had.’

    If your poor aching back can’t wait, call Suzi Cinalli now on 07976 263 691 or email suzi@thevitaltouch.com

  • The Vital Touch for HR

    Our range of massage and other wellbeing therapies give you a brilliant incentive solution.

    They’re popular with staff and management, and they’re enjoyable and hassle–free to run!

    We bring the therapies you choose to your workplace, with minimal disruption, at a time that suits you. We email to remind you of the schedule. All you need provide is a quiet space.

    Our programmes are very cost–effective – especially since they benefit the business as well!

    why wellbeing at work is worthwhile

    P.S. Event to organise? Exhibition to stage? Need to thank valued staff or customers?

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    For help and advice, call Suzi Cinalli on 07976 263 691 or email on suzi@thevitaltouch.com

  • Why wellbeing at work is worthwhile

    The Vital Touch provides massage and other beneficial therapies which, with regular application, can help soothe sore backs, relieve stress and strain, and counter the effects of RSI.

    About 9.3 million working days are lost in the UK due to work-related back pain – and that’s second only to stress!

    With staff spending an average of more than 40 hours a week on the computer, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is another significant problem.

    And though it’s harder to quantify, productivity’s also lost to fatigue or low mood.

    People who feel better work better. And they take less time off work, too.

    Please call Suzi Cinalli on 07976 263 691 or email on suzi@thevitaltouch.com

    Ask about our try–before–you–buy offer

  • who we are...

    The Vital Touch was founded by Suzi Cinalli and Nunu Roney in 1996, coming from backgrounds in the music industry and the performing arts. The Vital Touch was conceived as a specialist corporate health and wellbeing business. We are proud of pioneering the introduction of massage, workshops and therapies into the workplace. And we're very proud that many of our original clients are still with us today.

    Our team of carefully-selected, highly experienced therapists are expert, intuitive, responsible and professional: fully qualified and insured to work on any premises.

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our services...

  • some of our clients...

    We work for lots of busnesses and individuals. Our client list includes media companies, travel companies, hotels, fashion brands, music companies retail groups, design and advertising. We love them all and think the feeling is mutual. We're proud to say that most of them have been with us for 12 years or more. Here’s a few of them...


    We hope they won't be too embarrassed when we tell you that they also say the sweetest things...

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    what our clients say...

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You will receive a complementary, relaxing one hour massage in the comfort of your own home if your friend books a minimum of 6 x 30 minute chair massage in your company.

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